Revitalize Body, Skin
and Uncover a New You

Step into the realm of personalized care with Unicare’s transformative treatments. Explore a spectrum of services, including tattoo removal, ultrasonic cavitation, Cryolipolysis, laser hair removal, Carbon Facial, Light Photon Treatment, and specialized solutions for various skin conditions. Elevate your well-being through our advanced and tailored approaches

Non Surgical Weightloss

We provide various non-surgical weight loss treatments, including Cryolipolysis, Laser Lipolysis, and Ultrasonic Cavitation, tailored to meet your unique needs

Skin and Wellness

Explore our array of skin and wellness treatments, featuring Carbon Facial, LED Photon, Skin Tightening, and indulgent massage therapies, designed to rejuvenate and enhance your overall well-being

Tattoo Removal

Discover freedom from unwanted tattoos with our tailored treatment plans, catering to all sizes. From delicate designs to intricate pieces, our advanced techniques ensure effective removal.

Hair Removal

Discover our array of Hair Removal treatments including Laser Hair Removal by Diode Triple Wavelength Laser treatment and E Light Hair Removal.