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Explore our array of medical services tailored to meet your requirements, encompassing GP Appointments, Medical Reports, Hayfever Injections, Minor Ops, Joint and Soft Tissue Injections, as well as Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Injections. Our proficient doctors are dedicated to assisting and guiding you through each of our services

Dr. Mann

Minor Op Specialist

GP Services

Whether you're seeking GP Appointments, Medical Reports, or Hay-fever Injections, we provide a variety of services to support your needs.

Minor Ops

Specializing in Minor Ops, including the expert removal of Cysts, Moles, and Skin Tags. Trust us for tailored solutions to address your unique needs

Joint + Soft Tissue Injections

Our skilled professionals provide targeted injections to alleviate pain and enhance function.

Anti Wrinkle + Dermal Injections

Unleash the transformative power of our expertly administered treatments—take the first step toward smoother, youthful skin