Skin and Wellness

Explore a variety of Skin and Wellness Treatments at The Unicare Group, encompassing LED Photon, Carbon Facial, Skin Tightening, and Massage Treatments. Discover personalized and effective solutions crafted to enhance your wellness journey, promoting a healthier and happier version of yourself.

Carbon Facial

Our Carbon Facial treatment brings forth a revolutionary skincare experience, harnessing the power of activated carbon to cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate. This innovative procedure aims to leave you with a refreshed and luminous complexion, elevating your skincare routine to new heights. Experience the trans-formative effects and embrace a radiant glow with newfound confidence.

LED Light Photon Treatment

Light therapy treatments effectively reverse the signs of aging and address damaged skin concerns. Various color lights target acne-causing bacteria, reduce pigmentation, diminish redness, and contribute to an overall improved complexion. By stimulating cellular activity, light therapy promotes healing and rejuvenation in the treated area. This non-invasive procedure stands apart from other treatments, avoiding potential adverse effects and discomfort. While some may observe immediate improvements, noticeable and lasting results typically become prominent after a series of sessions, varying based on factors such as age, skin tone, and individual starting points.

Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation

Radiofrequency (RF) treatments induce the contraction of collagen fibers in the skin, leading to skin tightening and a reduction in wrinkles and folds. While RF treatments are not specifically designed for fat breakdown, they can enhance the appearance of cellulite.

Achieving these improvements often requires a series of treatments. Radiofrequency involves the application of electrical current pulsed at the frequency of radio-waves. This prompts water molecules in the skin to vibrate, generating a deep heating effect. To ensure comfort, the machine’s intensity settings and the continual movement of the handset on your skin by the Aesthetic Practitioner keep the produced heat within tolerable limits.


Discover a variety of massage treatments tailored to bring soothing relaxation. From a full-body massage to ease tension, a focused session on back, neck, and shoulders, stress buster treatments, to hand/foot massages incorporating reflexology points – our offerings cater to your unique relaxation needs. Additionally, indulge in a specialized shoulders-only massage for a targeted and rejuvenating experience.